Kids Power 

The Kids Power Program is a one year program for children between the ages of 8 and 15. The program aims to enhance creative thinking and develop concentration and basic hand-eye coordination through drawing, painting, and collage

Certificate Program

The Certificate Program is a two year program for individuals 16 years and older. It provides students with an opportunity to develop visual arts and professional skills. Year one teaches the fundamentals of drawing, painting, and photography. In year two, students apply these skills in group projects and commercial design applications. The projects not only teach basic techniques but also train students to find jobs as designers and illustrators.

Enrollment Information

Who Can Enroll:

Both Liberians and foreigners ages 8-21 are eligible to apply to the academy, regardless of gender, creed, religion or physical handicap.

How to Enroll:

There are two ways to enroll at Liberia Visual Arts Academy:
1. Recruiters determine whether the applicant qualifies for the LivArts scholarship program
2. Applicants submit a portfolio to be reviewed by LivArts staff
There is a $10 program registration fee, but tuition is free. Both programs have one field trip each term. Successful applicants will be notified by phone or email.

For information on how to donate from abroad please email or call USA: +1 3475305020